Urban Poets to Follow On Instagram

We can all agree that words do have more impact than much else. A good book sometimes changes our life, a good article could change a generation’s perception, and sometimes words just hurt enough to break you or mean enough for you to grow. Poetry, however, has always had the status of a classy sophisticated lady. It has been perceived as something intellectuals read or understand because most of our school life we needed a series of interpretations from our teachers which we scribbled in our books. Poetry had its set ways – there had to be a deeper meaning, there had to be a rhyme, it had to mean so abstract from what the words actually were that students have come up with worst theories explaining what the hell the poet meant when he said ‘Her eyes shine bright like the sun’ because it never meant ‘she’s a mutant from the X-Men.’

I never thought poetry was my thing.

Then at one point in life, I started writing myself. I realized poetry is not about a rhyme or a deeper meaning; it’s about penning down real feelings or something real enough for someone else. It’s also known as urban poetry these days. Once I started my journey as an urban poet on Instagram, I discovered a whole bunch of other poets and here’s a list of the favourites!

M. Drake (@rmdrk)


Bridgett Devoue (@musings.of.a.fox)


Saru Singhal (@baawri_basanti)

baawri basanti.png


Sanchali Ghosh (@ink_and_wanderlust)



Inkness (@inkness)




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8 thoughts on “Urban Poets to Follow On Instagram

  1. Poetry is anything that can convey an oceanful of emotions in a few words. It’s all about feelings as you said. Rhyme, meter and type of poetry is secondary, and dependent on tatse.

    Thanks a ton for the feature. Truly honored. ❤

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  2. Hi, I wandered my way here and your title of urban poets kind of dragged me to your page. It’s wonderful these days for poetry to be acknowledged sans it’s rhyme and rhythm. And I am one such person who writes that kind of ‘poetry’. Do visit my blog to read a section called “prose? Poetry? Don’t know!” if and when you have the time and I am looking forward to reading more of your work 🙂 cheers and have a wonderful day ahead.

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      1. Thanks for the invitation to write for you. I’d love to contribute to your blog and it might be a wonderful way to connect to other poets out there. Would you like me to write out poetry? What kind of posts are you expecting?


      2. Sounds wonderful! And meanwhile, it might be nice for you to go through my blog and see if there’s anything particular that you like. You are of course free to reblog anything you like and I would love to write more for you. Cheers!

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