Your Guide To Getting Fired

Hate your current job? Feel like a corporate slave? Has your boss been ignoring your cries for escape? Getting paid peanuts to snack on with those binge drinking sessions complaining about your boss? Lost all hopes of maintaining a work-life balance?

After going through various jobs, from corporate to agencies to start-ups, we’ve done it all. Some of us are stuck in places we are not able to leave because the boss is too lazy to find someone else so they keep rejecting your resignation emails. At some point, we realised everyone gives advice about how to get a job but never on how to lose one.

We have taken it upon ourselves to help all those trapped souls. Here we are listing down sure shot ways to get fired so you can take that break and travel, chill at home, catch up on all the series on your to-do list, and eventually wonder what the hell have you been doing with your life.

Too much responsibility?

Pull off a classic by learning from the pros. Walk up to your boss and hand him a sock, when he/ she gets angry and throws it back at you; run away shouting, “Master has given Dobby a sock. Dobby is free.”

Long working hours?

In your next reimbursement claims, add a sleeping bag, a 32-inch LCD screen TV, a mini fridge with beer and junk food, a bean bag and send it to your boss. If he questions, tell him you never have enough time to go home and come back, so you’ve moved into the office.

Promotion long due?

In the next client meeting, introduce yourself as the owner of the company in front of your boss. When questioned, say you’re a go-getter so you took that promotion you deserve.

Hate working on weekends?

Party hard next time and go tanked to work. When the boss asks anything, throw up on him/ her because sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Boss not approving your leaves?

Take initiative and go on that vacation. Don’t take any calls from work. You will receive your termination letter when you return.

If you have more suggestions for getting fired or some personally tried formulae, do leave a comment below!


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