Why Periods Are Beyond The Sanitary Pad Ads

On the fourth day of my periods last month, I was only recovering from PMS and exhaustion; when my father decided to wake the beast of menstruation by demeaning the most annoyingly excruciating monthly compulsion every woman has to go through by saying this, “Go out. Do something; you’ve just been sleeping for the last three days.”

At that exact moment, every ounce of anger and hatred towards men for never having to know what a menstrual cramp is rose to the brim and danced loudly out of my mouth almost scaring my father.

After some time, when I had gobbled some vanilla ice cream *felt like heaven*; I started thinking about what had happened. When I deconstructed it, I realised that while my dad had said things that were unacceptable and things he should have known having three women in the house, it’s not his fault.

Every sanitary pad advert today has gone so far with breaking stereotypes that the other half of the population thinks periods are easy-peasy. That menstrual cramps are extinct because they don’t show that in the ad. That women want to be so at par with men that periods are nothing but a little extra effort for a few days in the month. Thanks to this perception, ladies, we are never going to officially get ‘Period Leave’ in this country!

However, I’m here to tell you that women do not want to jump walls, wear white pants, and run around to show off to male colleagues that we can be super-humans or sit on two-wheelers for too long. Frankly, all we want to do is stay in bed, not be questioned, wear comfortable PJs all day and eat some comfort food but we do go out to do our jobs, build careers, cook your meals and all that jazz.

Unfortunately, the ancient tales of women sitting out of all household activities during their periods has been misinterpreted by us so drastically that we ended up creating the stereotype, to begin with! Those days, people understood that women lose energy in the process and need a break.

While we all laugh at various memes about the “PMSing Woman and Throwing Chocolate at her” for saving your life; let’s draw the line there. There are several women who cannot move out of bed during “those days” and some who suffer through it to keep their jobs. It’s not a laughing matter to me anymore and it shouldn’t be for you either.


2 thoughts on “Why Periods Are Beyond The Sanitary Pad Ads

  1. Finally, a perfect way of addressing this whole issue and even though men may never know what women go through, media has always been the real villain whether it be misinterpretation of old traditions of giving the period leave from household, or the exaggerated superpowers of the sanitary pad propagating women equality (or rather looking down on men). Loved this write up. Moreover, I can link almost everything to capitalism or monetary-ism. The root of all evil 😉


  2. We stand in solidarity. #pmsisabitch
    Couldn’t agree more on the traditional views. Aah lucky women back then! On a lighter note, snickers or a chocolate crossiant does the trick for this PMS warrior!

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