10 Feelings Better Than Love

We have all heard, seen, felt, and read about love being the ultimate feeling everyone longs for. Some people make finding true love the mission of their life and everything revolves around that goal. Love definitely is a beautiful phenomenon when it happens with the right person and sometimes even with the wrong person it feels right.

Being in and out of love is the course of nature that is inevitable but there are some feelings we can hold on to with or without the existence of a significant other.

Having a jet spray in the bathroom of a five-star hotel – because tissues are just not enough!

The bell rings forty minutes after placing a food order – because you first took two hours to decide your order.

Finding a dress that was magically tailored for you – because you always thought you were an oddly shaped duck.

When someone notices you lost 200 grams because you ate a salad yesterday – because isn’t that how healthy eating is supposed to work?

A tagged photo that doesn’t show the ugly side of you – and no one has to know how you look on your Aadhar Card/ Driving License!

Someone replies to a text almost immediately – doesn’t matter if they were looking at porn on their phone, it feels like they were waiting for human contact *wink*

When your playlist is on shuffle and it reads your mind – because that one song has been stuck in your head since you woke up.

Finally getting into bed after dreaming about it all day – leaving it in the morning was worse than a cup of tea with too much milk.

Every time your best friend cleans her wardrobe – because of course, she’s going to pass on amazing clothes to you!

When you use maps and reach your destination in the first attempt – because “excuse me, blah blah kaha hain?” is always responded with, “Woh toh pata nahi, aage puch lena.

Know any more feelings better than love? Leave us a comment below.

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