Once upon a rainy night in Pune, my heady post-holiday vibe was smashed to smithereens (momentarily, but STILL) by an unprofessional Ola cab driver. I am sure all of you reading this post have had an annoying encounter at least once or twice or maybe a couple of hundred times, courtesy: Ola cab drivers. But now, I have had enough and it is time I rant about it on the internet.  

So, I booked a cab to take me to my beloved bed from the Pune airport. Imagine my delight when the cab arrived right on time and I was all set to be transported to the comforts of the house. What followed was completely the opposite of what I had anticipated.The driver opens the door and tells me pointing towards an SUV on his right side (which he was obviously not going to drive),  “Madam, I have another car that will take you to your destination. I have to go in another direction, so please proceed in that car.” Puzzled, I obviously quizzed him about which car is registered as a vehicle on the app and he gave me an answer that just poofed my mind into unknown depths of exasperation.

Chalta hai, Madam. It is just the same” I slammed the door on his face and sped off to hail a rickshaw and reach home. I slightly regret not saying anything to his face and extinguishing my anger via a Facebook wall post as well as a bad rating on the Ola app. His lax attitude and lack of regard towards acting in accordance to the rules left me positively reeling. I wondered about the times I must have flouted a norm and annoyed the hell out of someone! 

This incident just got me thinking- Is it SO hard to follow a set procedure? I mean, transporting me in the vehicle actually registered on the App was the most important part of his job. Agreed, there is a difference between bending and breaking rules but bending rules coupled with the tag of not confirming to set guidelines can turn out to be harmful and is an attitude that should not be encouraged in ANY form.This very attitude has the potential to curb individual growth as well as hinder progress in numerous walks of life that demand treading along a  specific course.   Today, it was an Ola cab driver, tomorrow it can be anybody- your maid for instance or your Reporting Manager.

I definitely won’t repeat my mistake and give a loud-ass “NAHI CHALTA HAI!” the next time I land up in a situation like this.

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