How To Take An Effective Chai Break

Fire up that sutta, sip on the kadak masala chai and just be. 

No calls, please.

Boss, girlfriend/boyfriend or even your friend calling you to make a much-needed drinking plan; do not pick up any calls, unless you think they scream emergency. This is your sacred time and it is of utmost importance that you should ONLY spend it with yourself. Notice the number of you/yours in the previous sentence? Well, that is the entire point.

Choose an awesome chai-mate.

We are all for taking time-out just for yourself, but sometimes company can be fun as well as stress-busting, provided the person you choose to spend these precious moments with, understands the importance of taking a break. Avoid the particularly selfish type, who have the ability make every waking moment about themselves.


Yep, you read that right. Be it your favourite blog, a book that you have got to catch up on or the news. If you have the mental space to do so, please spend those moments reading what you love. Even if it is for those 5-7 minutes,  reading will not only uplift your spirits, but also break the monotony of your daily schedule.

Live the moment

Let go of the mail that you forgot to send or the excel that was not updated. If you wanted to think or talk about work, you’d rather be sitting at your desk, staring at the computer screen. A cigarette in one hand and a delish garam chai in the other – you have got your hands full – literally! So, stop thinking about the woes of the day and sink into the absolute nothingness of your break time.

Sip, sip, hooray

Effective Chai Breaks are all you need, to create, refresh and rejuvenate. Keep sipping!

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