I’m 25, Unemployed, Broke And It’s Okay.

It’s my birthday month, which means in another thirteen days, I’ll turn twenty-five.

By this age, a person is expected to have completed his/ her education, have a career plan, a well-paying (or just a paying) job and be self-sufficient. I’m none of that. I want to study more, I’m unemployed, I barely have any money in my account and so obviously I’m dependent on my parents.

A few days ago, my mother and I were in an argument which started as a discussion about me needing new glasses because I can’t read properly to me being an arrogant know-it-all, pseudo-intelligent, broke and aimless twenty-five year old. My mother constantly keeps reminding me and chiding me for not having any proper savings. I often wonder myself why I don’t have any cash savings. I’ve worked for about five years of my life at decently paying jobs and yet I haven’t managed to keep anything aside for a rainy day. I’ve switched many jobs and it would’ve made a lot of sense to have cushion money for the breaks in between those jobs.

The more I think about it, I remember everything I’ve done in the last five years. Apart from traveling, buying my own necessities and clothing (which is a whole lot) and indulging in luxuries – I would’ve felt guilty using my parents’ money for, I’ve gained a life, people, some wisdom and experiences to last a lifetime.

Money in my bank account will keep changing and I’m capable enough to get the cash when I need it but I wonder if I never actually use that money to live a good life what is the purpose of it? Unfortunately, I’ve not been paid well enough to live and have savings and I have no regrets about that.

I feel sorry for my mother because she gave birth to a daughter who is temporarily dependent but self-sufficient to make her way through life when the need arises. A daughter who looks at life beyond money, savings and safety which are the pillars of being middle-class. I’m plenty middle-class at heart, I enjoy the little things, I compare products at the supermarket to get the best deal, I shop at expensive places only during sales and fight with annoying auto drivers for change.

Call it risky, call it living on the edge, I prefer who I’ve become from the life I’ve made. I prefer knowing I haven’t let a job or the need for money tie me down and regret missing out. Money is definitely required to survive, but to live your life, you need an open mind and the willingness to take a risk sometimes!

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