Your Mind Gives Up Before Your Body

Love Hrithik Roshan? Katrina Kaif? Such an aspiration! I’ll flaunt my abs too if I have them. It’s a gigantic and dreamy IF . Unfortunately, we don’t recognize the efforts behind that gorgeous looking physique. Won’t you madly jump in happiness if I offer that to you on a gold plate? Who wouldn’t like a toned mid-riff? I know I would! We daydream but alas, this isn’t Potter world, we need to make it happen.

Truth being, we have only one body without spare parts, hence we ought to keep it fit. We know iPhone 7 has a 12MP camera but do we know what our heart’s main function is? Ha! I knew you will think this and no, it’s not pumping blood. (Look it up!) Letting a doctor handle our body is like letting a stranger handle our finances! When we fall sick, we blame something external. Do we ever question the tiny possibility that something I did was wrong?  My friend is always ill right before an exam. If I was her, my curiosity would have hunted the cause. 

Anyway, why don’t we have that body? Lack of determination is the only answer. I’m exhausted, I don’t have time/money, it’s raining, I’m bored, I’ll go from tomorrow I promise, I fasted today, I don’t have the energy, the list of excuses is endless. A totally determined person cannot be conspired against, not even by storm. We’re insanely jealous of Katrina’s attractive figure but when it comes to going to the gym, we’re paralyzed. Unless we are made to take to the bed, we think we’re healthy.

Exercise, be it any form,  isn’t just about reducing weight or else no actor would have pursued it. It’s about keeping your body healthy. Mind you, being thin and being healthy are poles apart. Religiously lighting God’s lamp daily is routine, but isn’t body your temple? Did you know gyms do maximum business at the beginning of a New Year? Thanks to all your impulsive resolutions!

How will Ambani lavishly spend if his health gives up? Therefore, health always comes first. Do you hear sudden heart attack almost every day? It’s like an epidemic. It’s time I burst your myth: sudden heart attack doesn’t exist. Nothing happens suddenly. It’s caused by poor dietary intake and almost no maintenance of the body for years. Your body isn’t for impressing. Guys, your health isn’t in your biceps, it’s in your immunity! Factually, oral health is related to heart diseases. I’d a grudge against my parents for not having a strict rule about ‘brush before bed.’ Now I absolutely cannot sleep without brushing (unless I’m drunk!). Health tips are available profusely, but make sure you authenticate before believing.

I’ve scared you enough!

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