Just Meeting Your Friends Can Be The Getaway You Need

Isn’t your every friend priceless? Mine too! Irreplaceable. I love how they make me feel. Alive and oh-so-special! Not everyone is capable of that. That’s precisely why my every friend is like my Nemo, I’ll hound the entire ocean if anyone is lost! Their best part is that they’re not family, you can share anything under the sun with them. I’ll further elaborate why I feel so strongly about this.

I had a LDR (long distance relationship) *sighs* and guess who were always there for me? Bingo! Friends! Also, sometimes just being there matters. No matter what, you can be harmlessly assured that they’ll cheer you up. So let your love life be DOA (dead or alive), never lose them, they’ll absolutely turn around the events. I honestly believe that a day without laughter is a day wasted and isn’t life too short for that? Yeah, there are innumerable ways of deriving laughter, from a comedy show to simply Youtube. Yet, I think that friendship is the best among them. How-much-ever deep in shit you are, they will definitely pull you out.

Don’t you sometimes randomly wonder who your best friend is? Especially because of the insane amount of jargon out there. Once, I closed my eyes and the first face that popped up was hers! (Works, do try). Consider yourself lucky if you have that one person instead of your SO! (Significant other. Cross my heart and hope to die). I can shamelessly throw away modesty and proudly brag that I’m blessed with several friends. ‘No company’ is a reason I never have and there are always a hundred plans for weekends!

Once upon a time, I’d gone crazy. I was lost for a couple of months; I was in a brainless phase where I was busy avoiding my pals. That’s when my friend arrived with a dagger. She seemed pretty focused. She verbally slapped me, resolutely demanding an explanation, “Why are you giving lame excuses and ditching us?” I responded vaguely, “Job.” She roared, ripping apart all my silly reasons, “All of us have a job and we are all tired. Isn’t managing this is what life is? Tomorrow, you’ll have your husband, children, in-laws, job, and countless responsibilities! Balance is the trick. You’ve got to manage.” I nodded in agreement. It made complete sense. I was honestly relieved and incredibly glad this happened. Only my friend, an angel I must say, could understand my stupidity and drag me out of it.

Following that, I contacted each of my friends whom I’d shunned away and began making plans. They were, of course, pleased at my comeback; after all, they’re my friends since a decade. The family will always come first but whom will you share your family problems with? Or where will you go if you just need an effortless escape? (God knows we need that!). When will you make such wild stories if not now? The aim must be to die with memories, not dreams. One more important thing: be very careful whom you make memories with, they last forever! The instant I got back to hanging out with my buddies, my life dramatically transformed. I no more have low periods because I’m busy laughing my heart out!

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