Our Truly ‘Grand’ Parents

While I was finishing makeup for a friend’s birthday dinner, I got a frightened call, “He’s twisting in his bed and blabbering gibberish. You come with mom right away. We’ll call dad from here.” I dropped everything, grabbed mom’s arm and scurried upstairs (first floor of next wing).

On witnessing this terrifying scene, I shakily placed a phone call to dad, “Anna is maddeningly making bizarre noises.”

His calmness steadied me, “Give him *insert fancy pill’s name*.” I hastily obeyed.

I frantically called again, “It has been fifteen minutes, nothing changed. Hold on, oh no, he has suddenly silenced.”

His authoritative yet calm tone wasn’t helping this time, “Place two fingers above his lips.”

“I can’t feel air,” I panicked as I helplessly informed dad.

A deep sigh stuffed my ear, “Keep your palm across his chest.”

I began to sob and he murmured, “I’m getting the first flight tomorrow morning and you inform the girls. (His sisters)”

My grandparents begged me to visit them. In spite of being in the same society, I rarely did and now I wish I had.

Our grandparents’ endless stream of questions, dreary lectures, dull stories starting with; “During our time…” make me wish I was deaf. Especially things like, “You spent 200 for a cab! You could have simply taken the bus.”  It’s as if buses are just waiting for my royal entry. *rolls her eyes* I agree that their love is undeniably of a supreme different level. Nobody can even touch that but sometimes it just gets so annoying. Argh!

When I was twelve, I’d fractured my arm. The moment my grandfather (grandfather’s brother residing with us) set his eyes upon me; his uneasy pacing stopped and was flooded with relief. His being home indicated that he was waiting for our safe return. He assisted mom in important chores, was an honorary supervisor of dad’s clinic and always stayed anxious about my endeavours. Basically, he had a purpose at eighty. Why look elsewhere for help when there’s a priceless treasure of knowledge, information, and experience sitting right in our home on a rocking chair! They’re trustworthy and willing to participate without you having to invest any money.

It’s depressing to see that most of our elderly folks (especially the independent ones) are cast away. Let’s imagine our kids treating us in that manner. What’s worse? We’ve to keep mum. My father and I sometimes walk in a park which is filled with old people. They are engaged in a plethora of activities such as laughter club, yoga, frivolous gossip, watching a musical show, singing, randomly eating, etc. On one hand, they deserve relaxation after decades of work but on the other, it’s gloomy if they’re whiling away their time.

You’ll turn 75 and simply wait for death, just like them, because you won’t feel needed anymore. You admire the physically fit oldies but have you thought about their mental condition? I’m certain that no hospital can treat that.

We’re our nation’s tomorrow so this responsibility lies on our shoulders. I’m determined and I hope you are too. We ought to involve our grandparents and later on our parents in most of the activities. Remember, your karma will bite you!

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