Design A Life You Love

Most of my friends are getting hitched or marrying or having babies and I’m over here like… I love cake and uninterrupted sleep! I’m sick of that hopeful ‘you are next’ look when all I want to do is marry my blanket! We’ll live happily ever after! I’m 25! I need to make my mark in this world, not merely exist like an invisible tree. How do I care for another grownup when I can hardly do it for myself?

Getting married and having your own goal are two separate things. They are equally important and you must ensure that you don’t ever lose dignity in either. A wedding is not the solution for being a star, independence is. If you’re craving for a man’s attention, you need to immediately stop. Instead, make him wish that he gave. You have the power within you but sometimes you just have to learn it yourself.

No, I’m not running away from weddings. I’m in a happy relationship since seven years but hey, what’s the hurry to tie the knot? I strongly feel that this is our age of crafting our careers and not of creating a cheerful family. Our parents worked hard for our education, they deserve pride. Girl, shut your in-laws up by making money. Don’t give anyone (not even your husband) a chance to question your new dress. My aunt takes tuitions from home and when her son surprisingly visited home from the USA, she proudly thrusted one lakh rupees in her husband’s hands and firmly stated, “This is for his return flight.”

Once upon a time, I had an extreme fight with my boyfriend. “You’re free to walk away without a single answer,” I murmured, heartbroken. Now that’s an ideal opportunity for Any guy! Mine fortunately stayed! Hurray! That’s the moment I decided I’ll marry him. The one who holds your hand, no matter what, is the one for you. Those magical three words have somehow lost their value over the years.

I’m a sucker for cute romantic stuff and my favourite channel is Romedy Now! Irrespective of having giant dreams of my wedding, I’m also aware of the importance of education. I’m a post-graduate and my degrees can do much more than idly hang on the wall.

Inspiration: this wedding season madness!

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