‘By Accident’ Is A Myth

Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.


I met with a ghastly car accident in 2015 (I was in a coma), and today, I’m on my feet. There are millions of such examples like Anita Moorjani. Hence, it’s beyond my understanding why miracles have become exceptional supernatural experiences (believed only when occurred to oneself). We live on a blue planet circling a fireball which is next to the moon moving oceans. Accidents and coincidences have no room in this impeccable harmony (the sun rises every single day). Who needs a Potter world for witnessing magic when embracing arms are enough?

The accident, no work, and the medicine’s side effect made me go from XS to M and (waistline) 26 to 30. Thus, it cruelly shoved me into an awfully new world – skinny to overweight. Once upon a time, a stunning gray t-shirt found its way to my heart. The moment I greedily touched it, a saleswoman smilingly interrupted, “Ma’am, that’s not available in your size, I’m terribly sorry.” My frustration was simply explicable. I bought it anyway and firmly decided that I’m never going to let that episode repeat. I want to be able to flaunt my favourite brands and hence I vowed to be in a gorgeous shape. I began to relentlessly workout every day and will continue in order to maintain the weight.

Along with my crazy willpower grew my ostentatious wish list! Three days ago, beautiful bags called me eagerly. I shamelessly ordered four! Four! It was six grand! I tearfully broke this news to dad, expecting sympathy. “But they are pretty,” I hopelessly cried as he looked away. Seven minutes later, my phone beeped. ‘Your a/c …4049 is credited Rs. 12,954.81,’ Some dividend magically appeared at the right time which made me fly! Our lives are a series of thousand tiny miracles; the only problem is that we miserably fail to notice them.

Don’t discontinue your efforts even when you cannot find a solution, but believe in miracles, and you will undoubtedly witness one. My accident’s silver lining is that I am writing! Plus working out! It has kicked me with severe ambition as well. Life has given me a second chance (doesn’t normally happen) and I’m determined to not waste it. You’ll also certainly find your silver lining because the universe is working on a miracle for you right now!

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