First Love

We always remember our first love

That’s what everyone says

I’d have to agree

Mine made sure, I never forget


My best friend

Much before we turned lovers

He charmed me blind

With all his wit

And with the air, I’d flutter


My naive being

So in awe of him

Absolutely consumed by his persona

With blurring memories

Of who I was


The center of my universe

Casting a slow but permanent eclipse

Long before I knew

I was all alone

All the faces had faded away

As he mercilessly sucked my soul


The only future I could see

Was one with him and fake rainbows

My mind and heart

Refused to see the masked shadow

His wicked aura caged my wings away

While gently choking me, breath by breath


His husky voice said

He loved me

And I could never doubt that voice

It swooned me thorough

And worked like a drug


A night came

When the alcohol never stopped to flow

And his senses must’ve gone completely numb

From a state of unconscious

Something felt like it was crushing me

When my mind struggled to wake me up enough

His drunk hunky body,

Lay on top of me

Taking away what was left of me

What I had willingly given before

That night became his right

My insides were screaming, inaudible, incoherent


My brain registered something

But locked it away for a while

I cried for months

When I lost him to another

He said he would love me forever

I doubted his words never


It’s been years now

Since I let go of my first love

But that night still makes sure

I never forget who he was


You can watch the video here.

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