To My Love

To my love, I have a confession

Apart from you and me

There’s been someone else

A third entity involved

In this loving relationship

I might as well be honest

It’s my anxiety

She lives with me

She follows me around

Sometimes she reaches before me

With her multitude of opinions

Scaring, scarring, overthinking

She worries about everything you do

And everything you don’t

She takes over every time

You’re not around

She starts acting up and messing with me

Because you’re the only one who can calm her

Even when she’s calm, she notes down every detail

To overthink later when I’m alone

She never sleeps, she doesn’t need red bulls to make her hyper

About every forgotten call promise

Every unanswered text

She loves torturing my mind with past memories

And she manages to find faults with the new ones

I constantly create with you

She’s powerful, she’s a destroyer,

She owns my confidence and sanity

She’s naive, she’s a worrier

She believes none of the good is for me

But the one thing she’s scared of most

Is that one day, you’ll see the real me

For who she is

And walk away like everyone else did

Like it meant nothing at all


You can watch the video here.

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