Laughing Towards Normalisation

“Oh come on, lighten up! It’s just a joke, no need to be such a sensitive feminist about it.”

When someone makes a joke about anyone or anything that trivializes a person’s existence or honour, they must realize they’re helping normalize the inequality, the discrimination, and shaming.

Sexism, misogyny, racism or any other kind of illness of the society holds no place in comedy. A person who doesn’t find these kinds of jokes funny doesn’t lack a sense of humour, they have sensitivity.

I don’t think menstruation and PMS jokes are funny because they are literally the worst four days of the month. I don’t think calling women whores, sluts, bitches to garner a few HAHAs is in any way respectable to them. I don’t think generalizing any gender to sickening stereotypes is funny.

Don’t normalize things we’re fighting against for the sake of a few extra likes or joking around with your buddies over a drink. Laughing at sexist/ misogynist/ racist jokes in a small trusted group is where the mentality sneaks in to make individuals feel it’s okay to joke about these things. It demotivates them subconsciously to raise a voice against injustice when they witness it.

This world needs more laughter but not at the expense of someone’s misery, tragedy or pain. A movement to change an entire population’s mentality is a mammoth of a task and every mind counts.

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