Element of Words: 2016 | Book Released

Don’t ever stop believing,

In the beauty of your inner beasts.

‘Element of Words: 2016’ is a collection of poems and verses I have penned during one of the most difficult years of my life. Though not chronologically arranged, the eBook touches upon many aspects of 2016 ranging from heartbreak to new love, memories to dreams, depression to anxiety, facing shame to breaking societal norms. Days and nights that have been spent struggling to find the unrecognizable me are all in words now.

For years, I kept my poems hidden from everyone because they were for me to express inexplicable emotions. From that to putting this ebook together; this journey made me realize if my words touch, inspire or simply let even one person relate to them, it’s been worth it.

You can now purchase the book in both eBook and print format.

Amazon Kindle eBook (Worldwide): https://goo.gl/SX3MQy

Print Book (India): https://goo.gl/p7l7q8

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