The Burden of Ugliness

There are instances in our life when we have stood in front of the mirror and said to ourselves “I look ugly…”. Have we not done that? Yes, we have. That is our nature. But this judgment of being ugly or inferior is a creation of the mind. Sometimes, we destroy ourselves by falling prey to our own assumptions.

How do we judge being ugly? By looks? By appearance? Let’s be honest and accept we all do that because we live in the world of standards and beauty is one too. Nowadays, beauty is just a tool that people use to commercialize and sell themselves better than others and this is nothing new. This trend of beautiful and ugly dates to the time when movie making and advertising began. Who would want a fat and ugly actress dancing and a nasty looking man as the protagonist in their movies? But, in real life, this does not work out. Not every man looks like Hrithik Roshan and not every woman like Katrina Kaif. They are beautiful in their own way nevertheless this fact is gloriously ignored. With this mindset of the entertainment industry which is worshiped by the Indian populace, how can we expect people to believe all are inherently beautiful?

This calls for a paradigm shift in our perception of beauty and the winds of change are already here. There is an organization which calls itself “World Association of Ugly People” having more than 30,000 members! Their motto is, “A person is what he or she is and not what he or she looks like”. There are also other clubs and festivals coming up, whose purpose is to show that ugliness is just in the mind and not in real, where people gather regularly to show their incredibly beautiful and talented side. And thus, the self-transformation starts. This transformation is the need of the hour.

Maybe it will be apt to end this rambling with this thought. We are losing 90% of good things in life just because of our faulty perception that we are ugly and undeserving. Life is a blank page while you are a pencil. Now the looks of the pencil are irrelevant as long as the pencil writes and draws well. Ultimately, what matters in life is what beautiful things the pencil sketches. Let’s make sure we live a beautiful life like a beautiful sketch which shall remain beautiful whether the world appreciates or not.

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