Who Am I?

Wow, I have an identity crisis! For last few days, I feel like I don’t know who I am; Feminist? Liberal? Nationalist?

Just cannot figure things out. I always thought I am a feminist. I want equality for women. I did not understand the concept of feminism I guess. If I am a feminist then I need to hate all men but I don’t. Whenever I see men I should stab them either literally or with my words that’s what feminism is, isn’t it? Men annoy me when they think I shouldn’t do certain things because I am a woman. I have considered slapping few but I believe in nonviolence. With Exception of few, I don’t hate men. Ohh, that means I cannot be a feminist now! Too bad, let me try something else then.

What about being liberal? That sounds doable. I mean, I don’t force my opinion on anyone. I respect other people’s opinions. I do not think my caste, religion or country is superior to anyone else’s. There is one small glitch though, I think for economic growth we need a steady government and the opposition and us as citizens should do our job of pointing out mistakes of the government so does that means I can’t be a liberal? So unfair! I always thought I was a liberal.

I won’t even try to be a nationalist. I will never fit in. So what if I love my country? It doesn’t matter that I pay my taxes religiously and believe that India can be a superpower. To be a real nationalist I need to blindly hate everyone who says anything, just anything against my country. I need to take offense about what other people eat, what they wear and need to get furious if anyone says demonetization was a bad move. Only then I can be a real nationalist. It is too hard for me. I cannot, just cannot do all this.

Anyways, I need to be someone though I cannot sit on the fence all my life. What should I do? What can be the easy choice? Hating whom would be easier? Actually, the point is I don’t want to hate. I get angry, I get frustrated but I do not hate.

I am a feminist who wants something better for myself not something bad for someone else. Whenever I won’t get it, I will shout. I will get angry. I will fight.  I am a liberal who wishes to coexist without any fear. I will not stay in a pond. I will swim the oceans. I am a nationalist who thinks a better tomorrow is possible. I will criticize what is wrong today to make that tomorrow possible.

I am all of the above and I am none of the above. I am a humanist.


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