Out Of The Box: This Acoustic Band Released An Upbeat Single That’ll Help You ‘Fight’ Your Worries!

Some of us wake up every morning, ready to wholesomely give it back to the world, while some need a little push before they actually start their day (or even after). Each of us is fighting our own battle- either trying to prove our worth to the world or struggling to make an identity for self.

The struggle is real, but not when musicians like When Chai Met Toast exist! This four-piece enthusiastic band has just released an upbeat single called ‘Fight’, which will just take you into the happiest zone ever!

“The song talks about the warrior in each and every one of us, the Gladiator who finds the path to triumph before we sleep every day.”

– Says the band.

The video of this song, however, portrays the euphoric ‘Independence’ that everyone achieves through lives of these four artists- A PainterA BoxerA Mime Artist and A Supermodel. It’s about the change in their life from monochrome to the infectious & colourful rainbow of colours that triumph is.

Watch the colourful video here:



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