Episode One: I Would’ve Never Returned With My Blurry Vision

It was the weekend and had been a long day, I was immersed in my computer screen for more than ten hours-switching and exploring tabs, watching films and drawing inferences from them. Then the sun set, skies went dark and I decided to go out and take a walk- which is an excuse to be able to smoke on my days off. So, I left the house excited and relieved from the boring atmosphere, but without a raincoat or an umbrella. So smart of me!

As I walked outside the gate, the clouds began to rumble, but I still continued walking towards my destination- the paanwaala  across the street. I reached there without any sort of hindrance and bought my regular set of essentials. Then, I had to walk down the subway to reach the other end of the street, the park actually.

This used to be my usual drill- go to the joggers’ park, smoke, take a walk and be back home. Unfortunately, this time I didn’t consider the possibility of getting drenched in the rain, I underestimated rather. As I reached the park, I grabbed a seat and slid my hand in the right pocket of my trousers, only to realise that the pack of cigarettes had fallen somewhere on my way.  I helplessly panicked, because it was the only reason I had walked so far and I knew that I wasn’t going to find that pack in the dark now. I then bought a pair of cigarettes from the street-vendor there and by the time I finished puffing on my first, it had started pouring heavily. Now, the only thought that angrily occurred to me was- “WOW! YOU’RE A FREAKING GENIUS!”

I rushed to stand under a tree while I was still puffing on my last one. I waited there for a while, hoping for the rain to stop, but it poured even more heavily and I had no choice but to walk back getting drenched in the rain, so I did!

On my way back home, the struggle was real because water droplets on my glasses made it difficult for me to see and without whom, my vision had already become blurry on the dark road. It felt as I was passing one of the dungeons, you know?

I managed to get some help from the people there to climb the slippery stairs until the point I could get hire an auto rickshaw. But, the real quest began when I had to get an auto just to get to the other side of the street in the heavy rains. ARGH! I hated every moment- right from the time I even thought of going for a walk until I landed helpless in the rains, almost about to beg the auto rickshaw guys to drop me home because no one was willing to come! At that moment, I realised the importance of being privileged with resources that make our lives easier, which, unfortunately, we take for granted.

After about a ten-minute session of convincing an auto-guy, I finally managed to sort my commute scene, but as reluctant he was to not drop me at my doorstep, his vehicle just stopped at a signal and he wasn’t able to restart it. “DANG IT!!” I thought inside, but I chose to be patient. This went on for about ten more minutes in which, I had almost surrendered to my fate and was going to cry! The driver too gave up and started pushing his auto in the opposite direction (Where he formerly wanted to go). I panicked and requested him to let me go. And AGAIN I had to walk in the rains to get to the building that would usually just take five minutes from the starting point of the rickshaw to the end. Meanwhile, I found another rickshaw guy and I requested him to drop me at the corner, he agreed, but by that time I had literally taken a bath in the rains and my own sweat.

That evening when I reached home, I rested with these two thoughts:

1. I’m privileged even to be able to complain despite being blessed with so many resources.

2. I also wondered if I got so annoyed in past 30 minutes, how difficult would it be for people who deal with this on regular basis?

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