A Turning Point

One evening, while I was reading the newspaper, my elder brother came home and asked me to make him a cup of tea. I bluntly refused, saying that I was studying. To this, he responded, “no, you’re not studying. You’re reading the paper”. With eyebrows raised, I said, “well, I was about to start studying when you came in”. This made him furious and he started talking about how he never turns down my requests. He babbled for about fifteen minutes and then I gave up. I looked right into his eyes and asked, “would you make me a cup of tea when I come back from school?” Not even waiting for him to respond, I slammed the door of his room and entered mine. I sat still for about ten minutes, staring at the wall. Then, I picked up a pen and a notebook and started writing about how women are not solely responsible for the household chores. This was the first time I had written something. To see what the world thinks about it, I posted the write-up on Facebook. Surprisingly, I got an overwhelming response.

Days later, I saw a column in The Times of India, inviting readers to share their write-ups, if they had any. I mailed mine and weeks later, it was published. Although after much editing, it was published. Seeing my name in the by-line, my family was astounded. Since then, I have been writing for the leading newspaper. Since then, writing has been nourishing my soul.

This is one of the reasons why I am a tea lover. Also, since then, my brother has never refused to make me a love-filled cup of tea. What this shows is that simple things are much more valuable than people think they are. Who could have imagined that I would discover my passion just because of a small fight with my brother? Whatever is happening in your life right now, cherish it. Know that it’s happening for your good. Believe in the saying- “If you had a plan and it failed, it was because God had a better plan ready for you”.

Another point of importance is that if ever, you get a chance to appreciate someone, do so. You wouldn’t know it but for a person who has had a hectic day, even one smile of yours would be a big thing. It couldn’t have been possible for me to write one article after the other, if my family, my teachers, and my friends didn’t appreciate my work at that time. Through this piece, I would like to thank them all from the core of my heart.

My brother is unaware of the role he has played in changing my life. He would be incredulous when he reads this. I am even more excited because today is his birthday. A very happy birthday to him!



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