A Desired Romance

Millenials. Youth. Us. We people always end up being sandwiched between the reckless immaturity and composed maturity. It’s very difficult for us to adjust and survive in the harsh reality of life. And many a time, we feel a need for a companion, a partner who will be with us on this roller coaster ride to help us keep from throwing up our aspirations. We crave for a deep connection, which nowadays has become a Kohinoor diamond. So what do we do? We start feeling lonely and that, friends, is the most dangerous poison you can give to your soul. So whats the solution? I am no problem solver but in the following poem I penned down what my life taught me. I hope you can relate to it.

Sitting beside my window pane,
Watching the rain drops stumbling in trance.
I was reminded of a longing pain,
And a desired romance.
Whenever loneliness scratched my heart,
And I feared the mirror’s glance.
All I wanted was a dam to stop the hidden tear fall,
And a desired romance.
Whenever scalding words burned my soul,
And an unbearable volcano of anger inside pranced.
All I wanted was a soothing ice patch of care,
And a desired romance.
Whenever I fell below my aspirations,
And was losing my confident stance.
All I needed was a reassuring shoulder,
And a desired romance.
Today when I decided to myself conquer these devils,
And got ready for a war dance.
All I needed was already inside me, I realized,
Including the desired romance.
I needed no one to support me,
I just never gave myself a chance.
All I needed was a companion which was me,
And I myself was my desired romance.

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