Dealing with Life the Foodie Way

There are times when life gives us a shove and we end up with scratches and wounds. We are so dazed by the fall that we have no clue how to get up and continue again. It is our good fortune that there are billions who go through this experience and millions who succeed. Thousands give speeches, hundreds write books. They have their methods to deal with it. Yet here I’m, thinking about it from an angle of food. Food! Imagine battling life with food.  Wouldn’t that be a cool way to deal with life? For every problem in life, there is a solution. And for foodies, its food.

Foodies are ordinary human beings with extraordinary love for food and their love for food surpasses their love for themselves. So when a foodie faces a crisis in life, he/she has a powerful tool to help him/ her deal with it. Food is their best defense, at the same time, their best offense.  Let me present to you how a foodie may deal with some of the interesting life situations (well, they are ‘inspired’ by real life experiences!).

We all know about socially awkward people, but what about a socially awkward foodie? They too may have a similar problem until a person approaches them with food. Now imagine a situation where there are food and a foodie. This basically translates to a common ground for them to have a conversation. You may witness one of the finest conversations in your life. Sometimes food can make an extrovert out of an introvert.

An unconfident foodie will have self-doubts in dealing with various matters in life. Yet, there is a way in which he/she can help himself/herself by pulling himself/herself up. At every obstacle he/she faces, if he/she imagines there is a wonderful meal awaiting him, the finest he/she can ever have, there is motivation for him/her to overcome the hurdles in his/her path and at that instance we can see a spectacular boost in self-confidence and faith. Sometimes, food can make you a self-confident person.

Now coming to another serious problem, depression. As I have seen it at close quarters with my near and dear ones, depression is a debilitating mental disorder. I have seen my friends struggle day and night fighting against it while it lurked at the back of their minds. Yet, I was surprised to see many people opening up about depression and how food helped them deal with this mental disorder. While food by itself may not be a solution to the problem but it accounts for a big chunk of the solution. Interestingly, there is a close connection between food and mental health and studies have shown that healthy regular eating can prevent mental disorders to a great extent. Not just the prevention, but food can also help in healing. How it works? We are still figuring out. But the important point is eating the right balanced diet with proper nutrition can greatly help your mind keep calm. So you see, apart from the foodie’s point of view, food does help people to fight against their mental troubles.

Being a foodie can make life difficult sometimes. But to be honest, the mere mention of ‘food’ itself brings a smile to our faces. We forget the difficulties for a moment and indulge ourselves in an emotion of pure joy. At that point, all our problems seem to fade away and only food remains. And most importantly, “Food and Us” is one story which always has a happy ending.  So start eating and face your life boldly. May the food be with you!

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