You Gotta Love Her Madness

While a lot of people have an exhaustive list of what they would want in their girl, there is that ever eluding question that most women have trouble answering, what does a woman want?

  • A guy who will make her a priority, but also gives her, her space
  • Someone who is caring, and yet tough
  • Someone who is well mannered but not overly polite
  • A guy who provides for her, but doesn’t makes her feel dependent
  • A guy who takes her advice, but has a mind of his own

The list could go on, and though each pair sounds more contradictory than the other, the truth is, every one of those thoughts have crossed a woman’s mind – and no, they didn’t seem contradictory then!

So what does a woman want? – I don’t think there can be an accurate and universal answer to that, but from what I know, women want someone who can just understand and appreciate that she can be a bag of contradictions!

She does not want someone tailor-made, though it often seems like that! All she wants is for someone to appreciate that she has her moments of absolute irrationality and complete insanity.  She knows (most of the time) when she is being unfair, or unreasonable – and she isn’t proud if it! Through all such moments all she really needs is a reassuring smile, and some time, for sanity to re-find its place in her mind!

That’s the price a guy has to pay for having someone in their life who can be compassionate and emotional all at once!

So girls – if you ever find a guy who can smile at your insanity – you have right there exactly what you want! Everything else will matter less, when you realize, all you need in him is that friend – who understands! He may or may not agree with you at all times, he may or may not be that tailor made guy, he may or may not share your hobbies or interests or lifestyle choices — but in the gamut of life what will matter more – won’t be how many scores you agreed on, but how healthily you could disagree!

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