The Dirty Thirty

Yeah, I know this is the travel corner and you are wondering the title doesn’t make any sense here, but trust me it does, so keep reading. Most women lie about their age or promptly respond “how can you ask a woman her age?”, well I can proudly say I am not one of them, but it was depressing to think that I will be walking into my thirties soon!

This year among my gang of friends most of us turned thirty and the others thirty-five, so we thought it’s an epic year and we should all celebrate by taking a trip together and no points for guessing – we zeroed in on European Summer. Then the usual line of questions began, which side of Europe should we do? How many countries do we cover? Hum desis hote hi aise hai, Europe jaa rahe hai to how can we just do one country kuch two to three countries to cover karna banta hai yaar! So, after two months of discussion we decided to do only Croatia and experience the country and its culture and not just visit it. So, there it was, leaves sorted, tickets booked for a ten-day road trip in Croatia and lucky for me the dates worked out such that my birthday was right in the middle of the trip!

It was mid-June when we landed in Croatia to experience the beautiful East-European Summer, my first as the last time I was in Europe it was West-European Christmas. So honestly, our idea of a vacation and exploring and experiencing a country is staying in an Airbnb, walking around the streets of the city, trying the local food and beers, bar hopping in the neighborhood in the small by-lanes, interacting with the locals, visiting the popular touristy sightseeing spots,  and that’s exactly what we did in Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split and Zagreb. The seafood and the lemon beer in Croatia was to die for!

We started our road trip from Dubrovnik, a heaven for all the GOT fans, I am not one of them though! The drive is entirely along the coastline with the Adriatic Sea on one side and the small colourful towns on the other. It was so beautiful that it felt like we were in a painting! The deep blue water just calms you down and makes you forget the grind you go through back home day after day.

If you like to party and dance all night, this is the place to be. We partied almost every single night! On the Island of Hvar all the bars shut by 2 am and then there is a small boat that takes you to a tiny island called “Carpe Diem” and the entire island is a club, an open-air club which is open till 6 am and it was an out of the world experience!

The next day with a slight hangover and tired feet (from all the dancing) on Hvar we rented a private Yacht for the six of us and went island hopping. 


It was a full party yacht like you see in the music videos with music and booze and food and beautiful water everywhere. Thirty mins into the sea, our captain stops the boat and says, “Guys you can jump (or climb down the ladder from the boat) and swim here”, and we were thought ‘WHAT! No way was he serious it was the middle of the sea!’ Turns out, he was! There we were within minutes, all of us in the middle of the sea and not a soul around, swimming in the water.


Trust me when I say this, words are not enough to describe this moment! Well, post which we continued the island-hopping tour on our party boat and went inside the blue caves which is a must visit. 

The Adriatic Sea is one of the safest sea to swim in, as it is absolutely calm and there are no dangerous sea-creatures.


The coastline of Croatia is super rocky and there are literally no sand beaches, but along seashores there are ladders like the ones in the swimming pool to just get down in the water and swim like literally everywhere.

On the day of my birthday we went to a small island called Lokrum. We found a nice cute bar serving yummy cocktails and we were chilling by the beach. Suddenly, we were discussing about cliff jumping and from there to lining up in our swimwear at the edge of the cliff (ummm maybe a few floors high at least) I don’t recollect a thing (not because I was drunk but because I am such a fattu when it comes to even jumping in a 4ft deep swimming pool, I couldn’t believe myself that I agreed for this).  Picture this, it’s a free fall, no lifeguard around, no life jackets nothing! Just 6 of us, like mad people, we decided to jump. One after the other, all my friends jumped including Maddy (my husband) who unlike me, is not such a good swimmer. There were only two of us left, the two fattus of the gang my friend Mansi and I. Somehow, she gathered the guts to hold another friend’s hand and just jump! I was the only one left now;  firstly, it was my birthday plus now it was like an ego issue! Everyone has jumped so I had to jump! Twice I ran up to the edge and I couldn’t do it and finally the third time I just ran up to the edge closed my eyes and JUMPED! And there I was alive! Wohoooooo!

Turns out, jumping in the sea was not just “not so bad” but it felt as if I had overcome my fear. I kind of had an epiphany that jumping into the thirties might not be so bad after all.


One thought on “The Dirty Thirty

  1. Wow! The Adriatic Sea does sound fantastic! And well done on experiencing a county rather than visiting it 🙂 that’s definitely my kind of travel too.
    I’ve been wanting to go to Croatia forever and it looks like it will definitely happen this year 🙂

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