Fiction: Sunrises and Shooting Stars!

If there was anything that she liked more than the way the clouds embraced the moon, it was the way the first rays of the sun crept up on the horizon, battling away the darkest hour of darkness and emerging slowly, victorious and bright.

It was not that she disliked the night. How could she? The night had been her closest friend for the longest time, it knew all her secrets and she knew all it’s desires . . . no it was not the night she disliked, it was the undying spirit of the morning that fascinated her. Everyday, relentlessly bringing with it light … warmth … hope!

She hurried down the street as the sky moved from deep black to crimson, the wind in her hair, a hustle in her steps. She bundled her arms tighter against her chest as she felt a stronger gush of wind against her. Her nose frozen, the tops of her ears numbing in the cold, her lips chapped, her hair entangling in the breeze and her eyelashes frozen and beating down rapidly against her face. She was not in a hurry. It was just the cold!

She had nowhere specific she wanted to go. She was already where she wanted to be. With herself. She often wondered why she enjoyed solitude so much. She got along with people well and loved a good laugh! She sang and danced and ate and worked, just like anyone else! And yet, her time with the natural forces of nature, is what she craved!

Her fondest memories were often those when the rain had soaked her, or the waves of the sea caressed her toes, when the stars in the sky seemed like they would rain down on her, or that time when she saw a shooting star and was the only one who didn’t hurriedly close her eyes to make a wish. She watched it race through the sky as far as her eyes would let her. She wanted to watch it all she could and more! It filled her heart in a manner that she had rarely been able to explain!

She had always been the odd nut! She recalled everything in way too much detail, it was like she could relive every moment in its entirety at will! And yet, could never really put into words what these moments meant to her!

She often wondered why these specific memories always remained so fresh! What was it about these often commonplace and ordinary things that had the power to make her weak at the knees. Was it that she had begun to enjoy the voice of her own thoughts so much that she liked it when things didn’t talk back sometimes. A scary reality if it were one! Or was it something else?

The feeling of being accepted, just as she was, perhaps? The winds didn’t judge the contours of her body as they brushed it, the sunlight kissed her face and its blemishes alike and the rustling leaves didn’t think her mind chattered too much! As much as she loved the people around her, there were moments when she craved to have to not worry about what anyone else thought!

Another gush of wind as she turned the corner, grinning she bundled her frozen fingers tighter against her arms! She was frozen to the bone, and yet, happy! No phone, no ipod, no modern day shackles that have made slavery fashionable, just the sound of a city waking up! A sound very few know even exists! But she knew it does. She could tell one city from another, simply by the way their sunrise sounded.

Another turn around a corner, and she stopped. Her feet had brought her back exactly where she started. No watch on her wrist, but the warm gush of blood through her otherwise cold legs told her quite clearly, she had been gone much much longer than usual! She skipped into the building and ran up the stairs, as she always did. No keys, and so she rung the doorbell, to be greeted by a warm hug and a concerned voice – ‘You left without your phone again didn’t you? Where do you go off so early, specially on mornings with such terrible weather!’

Grinning some more, ‘Sorry about the phone, it must have slipped my mind. Give me a couple of minutes and I will make some chai?’

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