Of Spoons, Soaps and Scrubbers

It is day 119 of home quarantine for me and the chores are still endless. If I start listing them out I’ll realise I live in a well decorated dump. You know there are days when you wish you got a massage so your body could relax? My house wants a deep clean right now, I know that, I acknowledge that, but there’s no way in hell I can do it. How badly do I need my house-help right now? As much as I need the internet to survive this lockdown.

Last few months have been about working from home, finding more efficient ways to do that and sharing struggles since finally all levels of executives are currently either washing utensils, planning to wash utensils, avoiding using an extra spoon to reduce the number of units to wash or arguing about whose turn it is today. Most content creators have shared extremely relatable and funny videos on how this one unavoidable yet extremely crucial task in the house is taking over our physical and mental well being. I have laughed heaps on those, all the time thinking – the sink is actually mocking me.

A lot of us have washed utensils before, when maids were on leave, parents were out of town and the party mess had to be cleared but now we must do them – knowing help is not on the way. Every night you tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, you know, that’s not going to change for another forty-eight hours. Every time you postpone it, it only increases – it’s a loan you can’t ignore. However, I realised after a few weeks, I can’t keep resisting it, so there are nights when I am washing utensils at midnight.

I have now trained my mind to not feel agitated about the task at hand while doing it, so I don’t keep whining all the while. But I started wondering do others do what I do while I wash utensils? Do you strategise your moves? Do you wash glassware first or last? Do you categorise your dirty vessels so you tackle similar issues at one time? Do you wash spoons at the end so you’re sure you didn’t miss any because they seem to grow out of the sink exponentially?

Some days I wash utensils to cool off from a frustrating situation or anxiety, some days I wash them out of frustration; sometimes I’m just pissed at them for lying around dirty with no accountability for themselves. Some days I don’t follow the categorisation – I endlessly keep washing whatever comes my way because that’s a real mood now. On calm days, I let myself get small kicks out of mental checks on finishing each category. It’s really a way to earn my couch potato time from myself. It gives me a real-feel fake sense of achievement knowing very well there are going to be ten new things to wash. But hey, as long as it gets us through the day, it’s all worth it.

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